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Matchmaking done YOUR way

Self-Match is a unique tool for exploring compatibility between partners. It offers unprecedented flexibility and total user control over the matching process. The self-matching approach is delivered through the comparison of partners’ independent responses to custom-built surveys.
Self-Match appeals to all kinds of people looking for successful relationships, seeking to improve their current relationships, or those trying to decide if their current relationship is worth holding on to.

Shy and fun-loving people may use Ice-Breaker and Easy-Match questions for a light-weight approach. Thoughtful people may compile custom surveys from questions that matter most to them. Systematic people may create their own matchmaking approach starting with fun questions and diving into more serious research later.

Bold people may choose to start with Deal-Breaker questions, quickly eliminating unsuitable partners. Risk-taking people may use the Random Question Challenge allowing the app to generate a survey based on the categories and the number of questions they choose. Regardless of what kind of person you are, you can mold the resources available at Self-Match to meet your own unique needs.

Self-Match offers a unique approach to exploring compatibility with your Partner and a simple decision-making guide to choosing the Right partner.

  • Who Should Use Self-Match

    Any person who has a prospective or current partner may find certain benefits in using Self-Match.
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  • Benefits of Using Self-Match

    Puts partners in control of the matching process.
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  • Tips on Getting Better Results with Self-Match.

    Choose your level of engagement – from a single short survey to in-depth compatibility research based on multiple surveys.
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  • Self-Match in a Nut Shell

    The user compiles a custom survey from questions available at the Question Bank.
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How Self-Match Works

The user compiles
the survey
The user takes
the survey
The user sends the blank
survey to the partner
The partner takes
the survey
Both partners can see
the Compatibility Report

Our Clients Says

  • When I found out about Self-Match.com,
    I thought it might be interesting to try it with my new boyfriend...
    to find out if he is the right guy for me.

  • Use the self-match today and save yourself some future troubles.

  • My 'prospective' partner is a sweet guy I met a couple of months ago while traveling in Indonesia.
    He is also from the Netherlands and we connected so well in that country I call paradise.

  • Nothing says better then a video