When I found out about, I thought it might be interesting to try it with my new find out if he is the right guy for me. Rivers and I have only been dating for about 3 months, so certain important topics (like politics, religion, finances, etc.) really haven't come up that much. I've found with past relationships that those things often don't come up...until it's a problem. If you're with someone who won't compromise, your life can really become a nightmare. really takes the guesswork out of the important topics, lets you see how much of a match you are, and gives you a chance to discuss these matters with your guy/girl before they negatively affect your life together (or your

So I jumped right in and created a survey for Rivers and me to take. I chose important questions from every category (over 10 of them) and a few from a fun "Ice-Breakers" category. recommends starting with the Ice-Breakers, then the Easy-Match, and then the other categories, but I thought it would be good to have a mix. I should have listened to the experts because I had way too many "serious" questions and Rivers and I only scored a 22%. Many of our answers were similar, though, if not total matches, and it did give us a good chance to discuss whether we could compromise on certain topics. And we found out that if we were Superman that we'd both take out ISIS! (That's a very important similarity.)

But I was a bit bummed by our 22%, so I listened to this time and sent Rivers a new survey with just the Easy-Match questions. This time we scored an 89.58%! I know the % is not the most important thing, but it made me feel better to get a (rounded up) A on our match. And I learned some valuable information. I learned Rivers could perhaps forgive if I cheated on him (that's a total no go for me) and I learned he loves cats (I'm allergic). I also learned he's comfortable with PDA (ick!) and that we have similar views on almost all the important topics like family, friends, work, play, and relationship roles.

I now plan on going through each of the categories separately to find out Rivers' views on them. We'll definitely learn a lot about ourselves. Most importantly, Rivers will learn if I can compromise and I'll learn if he can. That's so important to know.

So I highly recommend It's a fun website where you can learn a lot about yourself and your potential match. I would definitely advise you to let's "Recipe for Choosing the Right Partner" guide you in your survey creation. Otherwise, you might end up with a low score on your first survey like we did, just by not following the instructions. And I'd advise paying more attention to your differences in answers instead of the % score anyway. Your survey results should lead to a dialogue between you and your potential match, one where you can discover information that often doesn't come up until it's a serious problem.

That's what I like about taking the surveys with Rivers. It's leading to our discovery on important issues. I know this knowledge will make us a stronger couple...or lead me away from him and towards the right one for me (if Rivers is not Mr. Right). Either way, I'm going to utilize now and into the future.