After coming out of two broken relationships in quick succession, solely due to compatibility issues, I lost my will to keep trying. I tried a couple of love match apps that just make up results, many of which do not tally with my input but only end up leaving my head in a whirl. When I met my current girlfriend, I knew she was for real from the first time we started talking, but I wasn’t going to take any chances, the fear of repeating previous mistakes gripped me. I wanted to be sure we are compatible before I fully commit myself to the relationship, just to prevent a reoccurrence of my last two relationships.

So I decided to try the Self-Match app, and my love life has been rejuvenated ever since then. At first, my partner didn’t understand how big of a deal this app was; she was skeptical about the difference this app could make and think it was some joke. But what seemed to be as some sort of joke proved to be a life-changing experience for both of us. Answering the thought provoking questions on a double-blind system increased our confidence in ourselves and each other as well.

Right from the outset, I was able to tailor the matching process to address our compatibility in the best possible way by selecting questions that are most relevant to our relationship out of the array of questions available.

Discussing some volatile lifestyle questions, most especially on our stance on religious and moral beliefs, gave me the chance to finally break loose from all the traditional religious beliefs that have marred my previous relationships. I have come to realize that my joy is based on my choice, and heavens won’t fall if I tolerate or give up some activities.

Before I got this app, my love life was based on mere attractiveness on the surface, but after I had got this app, I felt like I could have that perfect relationship I have always pictured in my mind. I felt like I could have avoided the mess I found myself in during my previous relationship if I had this app then. Use the self-match app today and save yourself some future troubles.