My 'prospective' partner is a sweet guy I met a couple of months ago while traveling in Indonesia. He is also from the Netherlands and we connected so well in that country I call paradise. But falling in love on the other side of the world, while having no worries at all except for which beach I will go to tomorrow, is so very different from the actual thing when we are both back home. I am still on the road and will be back in December, but we talk every day. I just wanted to examine whether this could actually be a real thing or it was mostly the palm trees and sunshine talking. 

I mostly chose questions about daily life, travel, friendship and values. Those subjects are quite important to me. I asked him to fill in the survey, 'just for fun' (which was a bit scary to ask haha) and got a reply a couple of days later. 

I loved that we answered the same thing to a question about friendship and romance: "A good, romantic relationship should also be a friendship." I couldn't agree more; being buddies is just as important as being attracted to each other. Luckily he feels the same!

We do think a bit differently about going out and spending time with friends. Whereas I love to hang out with big groups of people and drink some beers, it turns out he is more of a stay-at-home guy. That might be a sensitive subject would we ever really start dating. 

Our compatibility score is just under 49%, which does not sound like a great match... I do think the number is not all you should look at. We were on the same page on a lot of questions that were important to me, and thought differently about inferior subjects. That's why I think you should also pay close attention to the individual questions. 

This survey is definitely a great way to start a conversation about things you normally not just start talking about. I got a closer look at what's really important to him, but also what's important to me. Let's see what will happen next!