Q: Is Self-Match available for users only in the US?

A: We do not restrict people from other countries registering on this site. They are welcome to participate if they understand English. However, we cannot guarantee that the questions created for US users will make sense in their culture. It is our goal however, that one-day Self-Match will be available in different languages with culturally relevant questions to be enjoyed by users all around the world.

Q: Is Self-Match suitable only for straight people or any specific category of people?

A: Certainly not. All people looking for serious long-term relationships should benefit from survey-driven compatibility approach. Thus, the exception would be the group of people who are looking for casual dating.

Q: Is Self-Match based on any scientific compatibility algorithm?

A. No. Self-Match is based on a combination of common sense and simple math. We believe that you are the best matchmaker for yourself and the best judge of your compatibility as long as you have the right information about your partner. We simply provide you with the tools to collect this information.

Q:My partner did not receive the email from Self-Match with the survey. What can I do?

A. Ask your partner to check the Junk or Spam folder and redirect the message to the Inbox.

Q:Why can’t I add questions from Intimate Preferences and Behaviors to my survey?

A. This options is only available if you’ve purchased the Advanced Survey option as a Visitor or if you are a Platinum Member.

Q:I can’t find the question I want to ask my partner. What can I do?

A. You can contribute your question via our website. If found in compliance with the guidelines, the question will be added to the Question Bank. Then you can add it to your survey.

Q:Why are my matching scores so low?

A. Since most Self-Match questions have three to four answer choices, the probability of scoring a high matching percentage is lower than if questions had only two answer choices. To get a higher score, try using the Easy-Match category. Do not focus on the low number of the matching responses but rather on the specific responses that are most important to you. Use the TrueMatch Score Calculator to make a decision about the suitability of a certain partner because it takes into consideration the importance of each individual response.

Q:Can other users see my Dashboard or any of my saved surveys and reports?

A. No, you are the only one who can access these pages. Self-Match administrators may view these pages only for the purpose of fixing any technical issues.

Q:What is Partner Management Module?

A.Partner Management is just a convenient way to see the most important information about all of your partners in one place. It allows you to see/edit partners’ picture, email address, age, location and occupation as well as give you quick access to your Compatibility Reports and TrueMatch Scores for each partner.

Q:What is the TrueMatch Score?

A. TrueMatch Score is a ratio of positive to negative scores that the user produces when s/he categorizes partner’s responses as positive or negative and assigns the importance values to them on a scale from 1 to 10. For example, if you mark the response ‘I hate tattoos’ as positive and assign it the value of 7, you will add 7 points to your partner’s total positive score. The total positive score will be divided by the total negative score. The result will be the TrueMatch Score for your partner. The TrueMatch score becomes more valid the more responses the user rates. The survey that only has two or three questions may not produce a valid TrueMatch Score. We recommend that the TrueMatch Score was calculated for the surveys that have ten or more questions. The TrueMatch Score makes most sense when it is calculated for each of the several partners who used the SAME survey. This makes the comparison of the scores most valid.

Q:Can TrueMatch Score change?

A. Yes. Responses for each new survey for the same partner will be automatically added to the TrueMatch Score Calculator. After you rate them and assign new values, the new TruMatch Score will be calculated. You can also add more Open (positive and/or negative) Entries based on your personal observations of the partner and rate them; this will adjust the TrueMatch Score for the partner.

Q:Why can’t I find a link to TrueMatch Score Calculator?

A. This feature is only available to Visitors who purchased the Advanced Survey option and Platinum Members. The link to TrueMatch Score Calculator appears when they receive or view Compatibility Reports. Platinum Members also have the link to this feature in their Partner Management Module.

Q:What is the best strategy for using Self-Match?

A. Follow our Tips on Getting Better Results with Self-Match. Try our Recipe for Choosing the Right Partner:


Send your prospective partner an Ice-Breaker survey – score at least 40% match.


Send your prospective partner an Easy-Match Survey – score at least 70% match.


Send your prospective partner a custom 20-30 questions survey using other questions categories – score at least 70% match.


Use TrueMatch Score Calculator and compare the score to the scores of other partners. The TrueMatch Score of more than 3 is a GOOD match.


Go on a date and discuss your Compatibility Reports. Notice how you handle your differences and how important are the things you have in common. If “chemistry” kicks in, CONGRATULATIONS, you have found a partner who is potentially right for you!